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     This site has been established to aid in the exchange of information between Colorado's sixty-four County Treasurers and Public Trustees.  Relay suggestions to the Webmaster or members of the Executive Boards.


                 CCTA and PTAC

   The Colorado County Treasurers' Association (CCTA)
 and the Public Trustee Association of Colorado (PTAC)
 were created for the following purposes:
      * To further the education of the members and their staffs;
       * To promote professionalism of the members;
       * To assist in improving members' office efficiencies; 
       * To provide for the exchange of information and ideas.

                     Meeting Schedules                            

CCTA logoPTAC Logo Statewide Conferences   Summer and Fall   
Eastern Division             Spring and Fall    
Western Division           Summer             
                     Metro Division              Various Times    


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