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  County Treasurers and
Public Trustees

PTAC Elected Officers and Committees


           President:      Karla Bagley        Garfield County
           1st Vice President:      Christine Duffy         Douglas County
           2nd Vice President:      Wanda Trennepohl        Sedgwick County
           Secretary:      Susan Cochell        Baca County
           Treasurer:      Debra Reynolds        Huerfano County
           Board Member:      Rosemary Murphy        Montrose County
           Board Member:      Margaret Chapman         Jefferson County
           Past President:      Brita Horn         Routt County


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2016-2017 COMMITTEES

AUDIT COMMITTEE -This committee performs an annual audit of the PTAC Treasurer's books and reports their findings at the summer conference:
Bob Campbell (Chair)
Mack Crowther, Dee Dee Copper
BY-LAWS COMMITTEE -This committee reviews the current by-laws and suggests changes and updates:
Jim Covington (Chair)
Michelle Miller, Bob Campbell
CONTINUING EDUCATION COMMITTEE -This committee verifies that candidates for accreditation have complied with the program requirements:
Michelle Miller (Co-Chair)
Lois Widhalm (Co-Chair)
Bill Wallace, Debi Cooper, Alynn Huffmann, Jim Covington, Irene Josey, Karla Bagley
FORMS COMMITTEE -This committee reviews forms common to all Public Trustees and ensures that legislative changes are incorporated in the forms:
Margaret Chapman (Chair)
Linda Statz, Bob Sagel
LEGAL COUNSEL COMMITTEE -This committee acts as "first responder" to legal questions submitted by Public Trustees.  They also recommend which attorney or law firm should be contacted for legal opinions.  If the committee feels a legal opinion is warranted, they will submit the recommendation to the Executive Board for approval of expenses:
(No Chair)
Susie Velasquez, Executive Board
LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE -This committee reviews the current Public Trustee statutes and makes recommendations to the Association for legislative changes:
Karla Bagley (Chair)
Executive Board, Bob Sagel, Bill Wallace, Debby Morgan, Deb Johnson
NOMINATING COMMITTEE -This committee recruits candidates for officers for the Association:
Connie Trujillo (Chair)
Jeannie Casolari, Patty Bartlett
RECORDS RETENTION COMMITTEE -This committee reviews the current records retention schedule and suggests changes and updates to be submitted to the Colorado State Archivist:
Bob Sagel (Chair)
Wanda Trennepohl
RESOLUTIONS COMMITTEE -This committee reviews and presents resolutions to the Association:
Susan Cochell (Chair)
Connie Trujillo
SUGGESTED GUIDELINES MANUAL -This committee keeps the Public Trustees' Suggested Guidelines Manual updated:
Betty Diller (Chair)
Allison Aichele

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