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  County Treasurers and
Public Trustees

PTAC Elected Officers and Committees


           President:      Christine Duffy          Douglas County
           1st Vice President:       Jim Covington        Lincoln County 
           2nd Vice President:      Tom Mowle         El Paso County
           Secretary:      Susan Cochell        Baca County
           Treasurer:      Debra Reynolds        Huerfano County
           Board Member:      Rosemary Murphy        Montrose County
           Board Member:      Teak Simonton        Eagle County
           Past President:      Karla Bagley        Garfield County


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2018-2019 COMMITTEES

AUDIT COMMITTEE (Financial Review) -This committee performs an annual audit of the PTAC Treasurer's books and reports their findings at the summer conference:
Mack Crowther, Dee Dee Copper
BY-LAWS COMMITTEE -This committee reviews the current by-laws and suggests changes and updates:
Jim Covington (Chair)
Rosemary Murphy
CONTINUING EDUCATION COMMITTEE -This committee verifies that candidates for accreditation have complied with the program requirements: (same members as CCTA committee)
Michelle Miller (Co-Chair), (Co-Chair)
Steve Ellington, Deb Cooper, Jim Covington, Karla Bagley, Irene Josey
FORMS COMMITTEE -This committee reviews forms common to all Public Trustees and ensures that legislative changes are incorporated in the forms:
Sheryl Del Rosario (Chair)
Bob Sagel, Pam Mills
LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE -This committee reviews the current Public Trustee statutes and makes recommendations to the Association for legislative changes:
Su Ryden (Chair)
Executive Board, Bob Sagel, Debby Morgan, Deb Johnson
NOMINATING COMMITTEE -This committee recruits candidates for officers for the

Connie Trujillo (Chair)
Patty Bartlett
RECORDS RETENTION COMMITTEE -This committee reviews the current records retention schedule and suggests changes and updates to be submitted to the Colorado State Archivist:
Bob Sagel (Chair)
Wanda Trennepohl, Mike Moran
RESOLUTIONS COMMITTEE -This committee reviews and presents resolutions to the Association:
Susan Cochell (Chair)
Connie Trujillo
SUGGESTED GUIDELINES MANUAL -This committee keeps the Public Trustees' Suggested Guidelines Manual updated:
Christine Duffy (Chair)
Bob Sagel, Karla Bagley

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